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  1. Motorcycle pants

    New Member Introductions
    I'm in the market to purchase motorcycle pants and I'm debating between denim with kevlar or denim with knee protection. I'm a new rider so I won't be doing anything crazy enough to necessitate serious protection but the fact that I'm new might be enough reason to invest in quality gear all...
  2. Dedicated Jacket vs. Leather + Armor

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, I just got my first bike and have been doing a little bit of Interstate riding and was wondering if a dedicated motorcycle jacket such as an armrored Cordura or leather is superior to a heavyweight casual leather jacket I already own + motocross style upper body armor? Dedicated jackets...
  3. Leather Jacket with padding vs armor?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I suspect the answer but just thought I'd double check. I'm looking at buying my first leather jacket. (Been using a textile for a while) I've ordered and returned a handful of Jackets from Superstore...but have had a hard time finding one that fits well or is comfortable to ride/wear. I...
  4. Has anyone heard of Perrini?

    Has anyone heard of the brand Perrini? I am interested in this armor jacket of theirs: "CE Approved Full Body Armor" At $60 it seems like an incredible deal, which is what has me suspicious. I'm having a hard time finding any information about the brand or company. I think it might be a house...
  5. Female Body Armor?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi there! I am a newbie, going to be taking the beginners course in 2 weeks. I wanted to buy some body armor for myself, but can only seem to find one's for men. I have looked around my city for any bike shops we may have, but there are none close to my area. And the only one in my town...
  6. Kevlar? size and placement?

    Gear Reviews & Opinions
    I'm not a big proponent of safety gear. I wear a helmet when needed a decent pair of boots and jacket/pants(most of the time). It's a personal choice thing to me. As far as all this new fangled kevlar/cloth. How do you know what you're getting? Is there anything lacking? Do you get...
  7. t-pro forcefield vs. knox

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello, Does anyone have any experience/knowledge about t-pro forcefield vs. knox back AND chest protective armor? Knox costs more, and I can only buy it online (so I can't see it until after I buy it), but is it worth the money? Which one of the two provides better protection? Thanks, Newbieking