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  1. 1982 Suzuki GN125 - Wont stay running

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, im new here and new to motorcycles so bear with me if im not being super intelligent about this lol, but uh, here goes SO i bought a 1982 gn125 off someone who inherited it from his dad's storage facility left in a wil, blah blah, it was left in working condition but wasnt touched for...
  2. Go home CB100, you're drunk.

    Motorcycle Repair
    This question is sort of weird. So, when I ride my CB100 and sit back in the seat a little, I have high RPM issues and can't get over 30 MPH because it sputters to death. Why is it, when I sit all the way forward in the seat like I'm supposed to, does it function fine? I just found it a little...
  3. compression test

    Motorcycle Repair
    how do i do one? my bike still wont start and i need help still :mad::mad: