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  1. Yamaha Star 650 valve adjustment video

    Today we will be doing the inspection and adjustment of the valve lash on a Star 650, also known as a Vstar 650 or Dragstar 650, depending on where you live. This is an important, labor intensive, and often overlooked critical maintenance item that must be performed on any motor with solid...
  2. Mixture adjustment?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, the guy I bought my bike from mentioned something about adjustment a screw or something if I wanted to adjust the mixture to make it more rich/lean. I can't remember what he said, though, and I'm wondering if someone could direct me to pictures/more info on where to find this adjustment...
  3. Feel "hammering" from loose chain.

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    When accelerating hard, like up a hill, I started feeling a hammering in my right footpeg. The chain was near the maximum slack, and tightening it to the minimum got rid of the problem. The sprockets were both aligned properly, both before and after adjusting. I am wondering what action was...
  4. 81 Virago 750 Clutch issues/adjustment

    Motorcycle Repair
    I took the cover off the side of my virago and trying to adjust the clutch. Every time I put it in gear it jumps like the cluch isn't working then dies. I loosened the lock nut and adjusted the screw till I feel something then turn it back a 1/4 turn. Any ideas, did i not do something right when...
  5. Float adjustment advice

    Hi, I had an issue with my float needles earlier (see post #505591, sorry I can't link w/ < 15 posts) where they would get stuck and not let fuel flow. After opening the bowl and helping them drop, the bike would run great for the rest of the ride. Following the advice in that thread, I...