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  1. 2015 Yamaha R3 Exhaust Oil

    Motorcycle Repair
    About two months ago I bought a 2015 Yamaha R3 as my first bike with 3500 miles. I have since put 700 miles on it and changed the oil and oil filter approx. 400 miles ago. The other day I was riding and a lady pulled out right in front of me and I layed my bike down going about 20-25 mph. I have...
  2. Crashed into a Ducati M796?

    Motorcycle Repair
    So today i accidentally crashed into a motorbike as i was exiting the roundabout, the motorbike was in my blind spot and i only saw it after i smashed into it. Short story i agreed with the rider to pay for expenses and damages,i thought i may ask you guys to get an idea about the repair costs...
  3. help fixing my throttle

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I took a bad fall on my 2007 yamaha v-star 1300 yesterday. I was riding down a back road at 25, it has been raining here in Vegas for a couple days and i didn't see the gravel in the road, and by the time I did I was already on it and lost all traction, my bike went out from under me and slid...
  4. New from NH - Hit & Run Motorcycle Accident

    New Member Introductions
    Hit and Run motorcycle accident, Pelham, NH On 3/21/09 an SUV, owned by Sheila Bedard, Pelham, NH, came around a corner on Ledge Road, Pelham, NH on the WRONG side of the road and violently struck a motorcycle and 2 people. The driver of the Bedard's SUV did not brake, slow down or stop...
  5. What was your worst accident, and how could it have been avoided?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Haven't gotten my first bike yet - doing some reading and preparation before I even start the MSF course. But I'm curious to hear about some of your worst spills (even if your worst wasn't horrible). What happened? Whose fault was it? Was it preventable by you (regardless of whose fault it...
  6. Local Accidents

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    This happened a couple of weeks ago, actually I meant to post it already, but been pretty busy. This is a pretty sad story, like all, but I think it underscores the fact that "tricks" should be kept on a closed course or track. Maybe this thread could be kept updated with new reports from each...