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  1. Can I use a 50 Sprocket with a 520 Chain?

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Can I use a 50 Sprocket with a 520 chain? If not, what can I use other than a 520 sprocket.
  2. Reviews on bikes, gear, and accessories

    Gear Reviews & Opinions
    Hello everyone I was wondering which review website everyone uses! I use and I was wondering if I'm using the right website. I had a bad experience buying gear and I want to avoid that from now on. I stumbled across this website and I see a lot of awesome...
  3. Sacramento area shopping

    Cruiser Forum
    Just bought a 1100 Shadow and only have one dealer near. Does anyone have recomendations for shopping accessories for motorcycles, honda in particular in Sacramento or Modesto. What is your favorite?
  4. installing accessories

    i am ready to get some accessories (sissy bar to start) for my bike (shadow 600) and the one place that i was going to go just went out of business after 50 years! question is can i put that on myself with relatively little trouble? what about other accessories like a windshield? easy...
  5. Stay, or upgrade?

    I have a vstar 250. I road it last night for about 1.5 hours, and got it up to speed quite well. Can do 65mph, but 55 and below is better just because the bike is so light, that for the higher speeds I get tossed around a bit. Over all, I'm quite comfortable on the bike, but I also haven't...
  6. Best Bet?

    Planning on buying a GSXR this spring, and trying to buy protection now to avoid all that money spent at once. Any advice on jackets? I want the protection and warmth, but looks wouldn't hurt at all. I don't plan on buying leather, but I am willing to spend up to $400 for a good jacket that...