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82 cb650

  1. 82' cb650 carb issues?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Got the bike about 3-4 weeks ago, test rode it, ran fine the first day I had it. Tried to start it again the next day and it wouldn't start. Didn't have time to tinker with it until a few days ago. Would not start no matter what for awhile but it was sounding like it would. Found out it was...
  2. 82' CB650 electrical problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    Alright I picked up a 82' cb650 from a friend for 200$ it runs amazing and it's a great bike to learn how to ride on.. the only problem is It wont charge. First I tested the stator and regulator and the reg was shot, I replaced that through electrosport and my voltage on the battery at 5000rpm...