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  1. Yamaha Star 650 valve adjustment video

    Today we will be doing the inspection and adjustment of the valve lash on a Star 650, also known as a Vstar 650 or Dragstar 650, depending on where you live. This is an important, labor intensive, and often overlooked critical maintenance item that must be performed on any motor with solid...
  2. Strange Start Up behavior Yamaha Vstar 650

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello Everyone. I am a newbie to bikes and not sure what I got myself into. Looking forward to and advice from the Gurus. I have received a 2009 Yamaha Vstar 650 Custom from my Uncle. According to him, the bike was parked in his covered apartment parking lot in Houston for a Year. I towed it...
  3. 1989 Honda Hawk GT650

    For Sale: Motorcycles
    For sale is my 1989 Honda Hawk GT 647. The bike is in excellent shape. Has upgraded Two Brothers full exhaust and an Aprilla spring. I also have the full original exhaust. Comes with two sets of keys and the original owners manual. The bike just had a spring service which including rebuilding...
  4. 2013 Versys 650

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello this is my first post here. I was planing on buying a used Versys 650 2013. Getting it for around 5k out the door. Was wondering if you guys have any advice for me with that particular model if there are certain things to look for? I'm buying this bike for my small commute and for...
  5. Loosing power at speed

    Motorcycle Repair
    My 1982 Honda 650 nighthawk runs fine through the first 3 gears with a bit of a jumpy throttle and there is some play before it engages. When I get up to 55-60 mph in either 4th or 5th, the engine will not rev any higher than 6000 and sometimes I will start to loose revs and speed slowly. The...
  6. Honda 650 Won't Idle

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1982 Honda cb650 that I cant get to run correctly. So far I have put new rings in, checked the timing, took the carbs apart and cleaned them and replaced the needles and gaskets, and then bench synced them. I also moved the air/fuel adjustment back to factory setting. I have read about...
  7. '81 Honda CB650 Carb Issue

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1981 Honda cb650. I'm having trouble with gas flowing out the vent t's. The floats are not adjustable and I have new needles installed. I only have gas flowing out the right two carbs but not sure which carb since the vent hose is in between. I'm not sure how to get this stopped...
  8. First Bike Help (with list of motorcycles)

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello, I've narrowed my list down to these (and only these) motorcycles. I have sat on many of these bikes at dealerships and most are comfortable (although a couple are a tad tall). I definitely need to flat foot the bike for my comfort level. I'm taking the MSF course in two weeks and will...
  9. Vstar 650 sputters at 60 mph.

    Motorcycle Repair
    I bought a 2003 vstar 650 custom last spring. It was my first bike and I rode it every day. It ran fine up until the beginning of winter. The onset of the problem started slowly. I would be cruising at highway speeds (65-70) and suddenly, it lost half the power. Sounded as if only one cylinder...
  10. 1981 CB650C not idling?

    Hey everyone, I purchased this bike about a month and a half ago and finally got it running after tearing the carbs apart twice. During my second teardown, I noticed that there were no springs, and only one washer (out of 4) for the pilot jets on all 4 carburetors. I tuned the pilots the best I...
  11. 82 nighthawk won't start

    This 82 nighthawk650 has been sitting for a year or two and when the key turns on, all the electrical components work. However, when I hit the start button the lights dim and a 'click' occurs. Has anybody else had similar problems and if so what did you do to turn that 'click' into an actual...
  12. Eastern Europe Sept 21-Oct 17

    Riding Companions Wanted
    Starting in Sofia, Bulgaria. BMW 650 GS Dakar is costing me 1300 Euro roughly for 25 days from a place called motoroads. Road taxes in each country will cost a little extra. Any riders out there wanna join up? I'm flexible with what I wanna do. Wanna hit the markets in Istanbul, check out...
  13. Suzuki GS500E (90s) vs Suzuki Katana 650 (80s)

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Hey guys :) I'm starting out my license training next week, and I'm doing some research on potential bikes to buy for when I get my license. From what I've read, and advice given to me, Suzuki GS500E seems like a good bike to start with and develop as a rider on. However, lately I've seen a few...
  14. 1982 Honda Nighthawk 650

    I just bought and Honda Nighthawk. It is in pretty good shape. I was wondering if anybody had any advance on anything I should do to make sure it is running the best it can? I have changed the oil and done a few more small things. Thanks