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  1. 1980 suzuki gs550e starting problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    I recently bought a 1980 suzuki gs550e that seemed to run and drive great. The day after I bought it it fired up perfectly that morning, played a bit, then let it sit for a few hrs while doing other stuff. After a few hrs I went to ride it again and no start. It would cough but not actually...
  2. Kawasaki Zephyr550 '91

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi My first post on here so please be patient with me. Also beginner when it comes to repairing...:frown: I've got a '91 Kawasaki Zephyr 550 that for unknown reasons won't start at the moment. My observations: 1. Firstly, the carburetor overflows straight away when petcock is turned on PRI but...
  3. Trouble with classic nighthawk

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello this is concerning a leak in what i believe to be the cover of the engine block on my honda nighthawk 550 83. Picture included. There seems to be a rubber or adhesive seal that has come off and the leak is only around the very left and right side of the cover. Is there an easy fix for...
  4. New Rider, is a 1979 Suzuki GS550L too big?

    First Bike / New Rider
    I just got my first bike, it's a 1979 Suzuki GS550L. It has the four cylinder engine and the speedometer reads up to 140mph. It has some carb issues so I haven't gotten to ride it yet, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's going to be too much for me to handle. I'm tall, about 6' 2" 165 pounds. I...
  5. valve guide seals on 1974 cb550

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello. I have a cb550 that was a 'bike in a box' project. It was pulled apart b/c of a bent valve. I bought a new intake valve, and I am putting new valve guide seals in. I started by removing the old one first(works better that way), and noticed that there is a washer within the old valve...
  6. '83 Nighthawk 550

    Motorcycle Repair
    So, a few years back, some friends of my mom's were moving and, being motorcycle enthusiasts, had an old '83 Nighthawk 550 sitting around. The folks bought me the bike for 500 bucks and I've been working on it off and on ever since. The previous owners had driven it for a few years and then...