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  1. 2008 Ninja 500R--- are they asking too much?

    Buying First Motorcycle Soon
    Here's a very nice looking Ninja that I found on craigslist. My only concern is that it may be overprice (even with the 2 added helmets). If I were to give him an offer, what should it be?
  2. Can't wait to ride!..but no bike.

    Buying First Motorcycle Soon
    I'm 16- just getting started in the whole motorcycle scene. I've signed up for my Rider's Edge class in late July and I'm really excited for that. I've been to the dealership and definently crossed out 250cc bikes. I'm curious about the 500 and 600s though. I'll get to try out a 500 at Rider's...
  3. Seat cowl for Ninja 500?

    Sportsbike Forum
    Do they make seat cowls for the Ninja 500? I've seen them on the 250, but I'm not sure about the 500. That banana seat just isn't my style :wink:.
  4. What is a good "amount" of insurance?

    Buying First Motorcycle Soon
    I haven't gotten a bike yet, but I'm in the market for 250-500cc bike to start me off, but I am unsure about the amount of insurance I should get. I don't want to just get liability, but I don't want to go super-over-the-top-crazy and break the bank. I'll be riding in town(small town with less...