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  1. Jackets
    I have oil leaking from the areas highlighted. Not 100% sure about the spark plug cable, I think some of it is coming from there, but 100% sure about the second area circled, enough oil leaks from there every time I ride to cause it to drip down. I have no idea where to begin in order to fix...
  2. General Motorcycle Discussion
    just wanted to say i got the honor of sitting on a 2009 Yamaha VMAX. If you're even remotely interested in motorcycles i guaruntee you've heard of the yamaha vmax. its been around since the 1980's for a reason. The 2009 model is a 1800cc V4 shaft driven beast. well i walked into my local...
  3. Southeastern USA
    Hey y'all, Does anyone know where the main MotoGP party will be in Indy this August 29th? I've heard "downtown," but that doesn't tell me much... Thanks in advance, -Zed
1-3 of 3 Results