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  1. GS 450 Instrument Cluster Replacement

    So i layed my bike down not too long ago and broke the instrument cluster (just the plastic casing and the plastic in front of the guages). I am having some trouble finding a replacement. Anyone know where to get and instrument cluster for and 87 gs450 OR a compatible cluster from another...
  2. Hi! need some help!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi i´m from Costa Rica, i hope to get usefull information from here in the future. Right now i´m trying to raise some money to buy a a cbr400 from 1987. Actually, if someone could tell me the differences between the 400rr, the hurricane, and other denominations from 1987 it would be really helpful!!
  3. 1987 Honda Hurricane 600

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey there, I made a post here not long ago asking about the Honda CBR125's, I ended up going to a town a couple hours away to test one out, and you guys were right, taking that thing on the highway isn't a fun experience. Long story short I found a 1987 Honda Hurricane 600cc It's in pretty...