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  1. 1984 Honda Shadow Vt700 Starter switch when pressed kills all power

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have owned this bike for a few months now and about 2 months ago it died while out riding one day. I got it back to the house and every time I would go to start it it would kill all power. I have since then replaced the starter solenoid and the battery and even with both of those, it would...
  2. 1984 Honda Shadow VT700 ignition switch issues

    Vintage Forum
    I've been riding this bike for about a month now and have had no issues. Until one day I pulled up to the gas station filled up the bike and got back on, turned the key and nothing, no lights no power or anything. I then went and got a new battery after I got the bike back to the house and it...
  3. 1984 Honda VF500C won't start

    Motorcycle Repair
    So, last week I decided to change my handlebars and I took everything off, but then life got in the way and I had to let it sit for a week with everything off, including taking the throttle cables off the tube. Yesterday, I put it all back together and went to start it up and it wouldn't catch...
  4. New member has Honda Sabre V65 (1984)

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I live in Northern California and have been a V65 owner for close to 20 years. I love to tinker with my bike. It runs great and I use it a lot. Motorcycling is as close to heaven as one can get on this earth. I hope to make some acquaintances with V65 interests. I recently...
  5. 1984 Suzuki GS400S

    Hey guys, I recently bought a GS400S in decent shape (no frame damage, but some of the plastics are cracked) for $800, and I hope it was a good deal. However, I'm starting to run into some problems with it. So, newly today the speedometer and tachometer are no longer working. I don't know what...