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  1. Honda CB125J (1978) electrical wiring problem, neutral light blinks, when blinker switch on

    So, my bike didn't turn on when I twisted the key. I found out that my ignition switch was broken so i manually connected the black and red wire to turn on the bike. Everything worked and as I tried the blinker the neutral indicator light was blinking, instead of the blinker. Then the bike...
  2. 1978 Honda CB125S running weird.

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    I've torn the carb apart half a dozen times and cleaned all the jets, checked the points, the chain, the air filter and the coil... they are all new or good as new So far these are my issues: - the bike is revbing up on its own (without me touching the throttle) - when riding, the bike kinda...
  3. '78 CB750 Wiring issue

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey there happy people of, just hoping to pick your brains on a small(hopefully) wiring issue on my recently acquired bike. The rear signal lights, do not work. All the wires are good, and just today I stuck a volt pick, that was connected to the negative terminal, into the...
  4. 78 Honda Twinstar throttle cable solved!

    Hard to Get Parts
    I have a 78 Honda Twinstar CM185t and anyone whose tried to find a throttle cable for this bike or similar knows that its damn near impossible. However! I found a solution via my local motorcycle shop guy. He provided me with the information that a suitable replacement throttle cable for that...
  5. Honda 1978 XL175.. HELP!!!

    Motorcycle Repair
    This here beauty is a 1978 XL175. It is in need of some rebuilding and i was hoping you might be able to help me with a problem. For a while it was starting but would only idol with the choke on. If i shut the choke of it would stall and if i hit the throttle to much it would stall. I clean out...