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  1. Hello! CB125 owner. Looking for a front brake cable that won't take 2 months to ship!

    I own a 1975 Honda CB125S and I have been rebuilding a lot of stuff on it with the help of some friends. I need to find a front brake cable. There are ones listed on eBay that look perfect, however since they are all located in Thailand it will take a long time to ship (October possibly!) I was...
  2. (I need help) 1975 Kawasaki H2 750CC Mach IV

    Motorcycle Repair
    Right so im making this forum cause this is the first motorcycle ive ever even touched and i got it in pieces and trying to put it together. So for my first problem is im putting the handle bars and front end together but in the handle bars is a piece i cant seem to figure out what goes there it...
  3. 1975 Suzuki TC 100 Reviews

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Hi everyone, I am about to buy my first motorcycle so I don't know a whole lot about them but I am just looking for a small bike to mess around with. I found a 75 TC 100 that is in excellent condition with 2700 miles on it. The only problem with it is the directionals do not work. The owner...
  4. Charging System on '75 Honda 360

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1975 Honda CB360t. I was wondering if there was a way to make the charging rate higher. I have tested it and the bike is charging, but not very much. The battery is less than a year old, but the charging system has been like this since day one. If anyone knows how or if this can be...
  5. What oil should i use for top performance?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Im going to change the oil in my 1975 suzuki TS185 and was wondering what kind of transmission oil is best to use. The tranny is a wet sump system. Also what type of 2-stroke oil should i put in the oil injector? the bike is a 183cc 2-stroke enduro with a 5-speed manual wet tranny. its got an...
  6. 1975 Suzuki TS185 pics and progress

    Motorcycle Repair
    This Is my 1975 Suzuki TS185. 183cc 2-stroke enduro bike with oil injector and a manual 4 speed tranny. Its missing the Speedo, Headlight, taillight, turn signals, battery, and thats about it. i recently ordered a clutch cable, clutch lever, rear inner tube, and air filter from bikebandit and...
  7. The oldies are the best

    I recently aquired a 1975 Suzuki TS185. starts 2nd kick but doesnt want to idle. 17hp at 7,000rpm (redlines at 10,000) use to be street legal and im working to make it that way again. needs battery, headlight, tail light, and turn signals