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  1. The little RD60

    The little RD60

    One owner low mileage survivor. All original including paint
  2. Is 73’ Cb550 too big to start on?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I’ve recently acquired a bike after a year and a half of searching. I don’t care for super sports or any newer bikes like those, I prefer classics or cruiser bikes. The bike I bought was a 1973 Cb500 with a 550 build in it. It runs fine but I was wondering if it would be too dangerous or hard to...
  3. 73 Yamaha

    Motorcycle Repair
    I've got a 1973 Yamaha RD60 oil injected 2 stroke. It idles just fine, but when I put it in 1st and start to let the clutch out it bogs down and starts to die, if I pull in the clutch I can sometimes save it. any thoughts? It also has horn problems, the horn is really weak. If i adjust the screw...
  4. 1973 Yamaha RD60 project

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 73 RD60 and I'm wondering what to do. she is cosmetically well, but not mechanically. She will kick over, so I know the engine isn't seized. however the transmission is stuck in neutral. the shift lever does not move at all. and the electronics do not work. Any suggestions? anything...
  5. Possible Timing Issue

    Motorcycle Repair
    I am working on a 1973 Honda Cb350g. The engine seems to be running with the timing retarded. It seems the engine is getting hot quickly, and the engine in running sluggishly. I have timed the engine according the book. I also checked the exhaust for any obstructions. I have also rebuilt the...
  6. Removing '73 350 Engine

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1973 Honda cb 350g and the engine wont turn over. I have tried soaking the engine with diesel fuel trying to loosen it up, but it hasn't worked. Is there a way to get the engine apart with out taking it off the frame. There are 8 studs that go through the engine and I wasnt sure if...
  7. TS185 leaking oil from drive sprocket

    Motorcycle Repair
    My 1973 Suzuki TS185 is leaking transmission oil from the front drive sprocket area and i was wondering if there is some kind of seal that goes behind it that could be bad or if the TS185's have some kind of auto-chain-luber which would explain it. its not a big deal because it only drips when...
  8. 1973 ts185 LIVES!!!!

    after painstaking hours of thinking and messing with my 1973 Suzuki TS185 i am extremely proud to say she is finally alive and well as of yesterday. how did you finally get it to work you may ask. well after cleaning the carb had no affect i took the carb back off and planned to get a new...
  9. 73 CB450 Dumping gas out of the distributor????

    I am at a loss on this one it's not flooding the carbs but I have absolutey no clue why or how you get gas coming out of the points. :confused: Anyone Have a clue I am beyond lost and at this point and would like to get it running before winter gets here.
  10. please help me out. dont know what to do

    Motorcycle Repair
    Ok so im at my dads house for a while. Yesterday was the first time i TRIED to ride my 1973 suzuki ts185. Didnt work out so well. i have to feather on the throttle or the bike will immediately die. i usually feather it around 3000-4000rpm to keep it alive. Today i kinda rode it. well it took me...
  11. Dont i feel like an idiot

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Well i went to my dads this past weekend to put some needed parts on My suzuki TS185. I had ordered a clutch lever, air filter, carb-throttle spring, and a rear inner tube. Well I installed the parts (except for the inner tube because it is impossible to get the tire off) and proceeded to clean...
  12. 1973 Suzuki T500 Senior Project Restoration

    Vintage Forum
    Okay so, here in NC we're required to complete a Senior Project for graduation. Sooo my girlfriend's father happened to have a motorcycle that had been sitting in his basement for 20 years. Oh and what was left of a parts bike.. including a new rebuilt block =]. So I tossed the bikes on the back...
  13. 73' CB100 Won't Start

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, well my wifes little cb100 wont kickstart now. it was working great and has slowly gone down hill. First when it wouldn't kickstart I could put it in gear and hold the clutch, run with it and then release the clutch and it would start, now nothing. Before I go ripping into anything...
  14. 1973 CL 350 carburetor problem

    Just got a 1973 CL 350. Was running great. All the sudden there were some problem with one of the carburetors where it would spit and cough for about 5 minutes before it decided to run at full power. Filled up with some premium and about 5 oz. of sea foam to see if it would help. Bike ran...