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  1. New to this

    New Member Introductions
    What's up everyone, my name is Garrett, I'm 19 y/o coming to you guys from Nashville, TN. I'm currently a college undergrad student pursuing a degree in computer science. I've haven't had much experience with bikes (only with a little 2008 Honda 75 dirtbike). But, last week I got my hands on a...
  2. 1972 yamaha 125 electrical problems?

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I am working on a 1972 Yamaha 125 and the bike ran a little bit ago but now it runs like 3-4 time I try to start it up for the sparkplug isn't producing spark and I am getting fed up is this a common thing for Yamaha 125 because I looked a little and didn't find anything
  3. Ah, the good ol' CB100

    Motorcycle Repair
    I purchased a 1972 Honda CB100 for $300 (The engine was locked up, and the kick starter shaft is snapped off the original engine.) and a 1974 XL100 for the engine. I had it running, but then it died when I adjusted the carb. For the life of me I couldn't get it to start. The engine backfired...
  4. First bike

    I'm am looking for some advice on my first bike. I want a vintage bike and have found a 1972 yamaha ds7 250. I really like this style of bike. No doubt it's in good shape. I'm wondering if being my first bike, will it be tougher to ride at the beginning? I read somewhere that someone said a bike...
  5. Help me please: 1972 Honda Sl350

    So, I will let all of you know before you realize this, I am very new at doing mechanical things on a bike and do not know fully what I'm doing. So please, don't think badly of me :/ I'm getting really confused and kind of frustrated. Ok. So the other day I traded a guy on craigslist for a beat...
  6. Custom Honda CB350 1972

    New Member Introductions
    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Army wife,back to riding after like 20 yrs. Ok yes i did jusst date myself:smiley_mornincoffee. Hope to make some friends and get some info on my bike when i need it .
  7. 1972 Honda CB350

    Vintage Forum
    I just got this bike today! It is in prety rough shape, but not much rust, just other problems. The great thing about it, is that it was FREE! It has a few dings because a few kids got into it and pushed it over. Its missing the mirors and clutch handle. Everything else I believe is there. I...
  8. 1972 CB 350 twin and a lot of white smoke

    I need professional advice. I bought this beautiful cb 350, with 7ooo miles on it, changed the tires, synced the carbs and it ran great except for in 5th gear, and it would begin to bog down around 70 mph. I was getting on the highway and it began to bog so I let off a bit, as I did that I...
  9. Honda Cl 175 engine problems

    Vintage Forum
    I'm having trouble with compression. The right side is low (70) with 10 cranks compared to the left (105). I'm at 3000ft elev. The left side runs, the right side won't. Timings OK. Sparks OK. I've replace rings and had valves ground. New head gasket. When I put it together this last (THIRD)...