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  1. 84 Honda V65 Sabre CL Ad opinion

    Question: Saw this craigslist ad for an 84 Sabre looked like a good deal but wanted your guys thoughts. Says it needs a new rear shock soon (he said that through text) if so how complicated is that and how much to replace? Is this a good deal for price and everything? Let me know...
  2. Need help buying keeper bike

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, I've been riding on old rice-beaters for 2 years and now I'm looking to buy a decent cruiser. I'm looking for something newer that's at least an 1100cc and under $5,000 that's nice enough to keep around awhile. I love the look of a Honda Shadow and I hear that they're really dependable, but...
  3. Installing Cobra Lo-Boys and re-jetting carbs

    Anyone ever done this? Just wondering how time consuming it might be and if I should worry. I'm pretty good with directions and downloaded the carb re-jet guide from Here it is if anyone needs it: add 3 www's to Thanks.