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  1. For Sale - WTS
    Come see this bike in person! It's a beautiful bike and rides even better! I'm selling the bike because I need the cash for a down payment on a home. I hope this bike brings as much joy to the next owner as it did for me. With less than 7k miles this bike is a great value! Come and take a...
  2. For Sale - WTS
    My dad is looking to sell his motorcycle and I've elected to give him a hand. He's the second owner of the bike and bought it off of a woman who felt that it was too much for her after putting only 900 miles on it back in '83. I'm trying to get him the best price for his bike and I'm afraid...
  3. Harley Davidson and Buell
    ok so im at 985, i went to a harley only shop and the mechanic told me if i cant afford my service right now (which i cant) is hould at least change the oil n filter, (which im going to do tomorrow morning) what he forgot to mention was, how many miles can i ride with mynew oil? someone told me...
1-3 of 3 Results