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Desert Camo Brown(Supposed to be Dk Blue)
Full dress minus trunk
Got this carcase from my neighbor who found it was seized and parked it under a tree. I gave him 30 bucks for it. I freed the engine after a week of oil and torquing on the shaft bolt, and then completely cleaned the frame and replaced everything. Did a head job, and the cylinders were great. Put on a gasket, some new clutch pads, and went through all the wiring. It runs great!
1981 Yamaha XS1100 (Desert Camo Brown(Supposed to be Dk Blue))


I bought an acetate template of a flaming horse head, and orange metal flaked it on side covers i made from some BBQ grill an fiberglass. I swapped the big tank for a small one, and painted the side covers and tank to match with canyon brown poly and did some metal flake work for trim. New tires brakes, and a marine vinyl, rough stitched seat cover makes this one custom looking old school chopper! It has metal gold mini bullet blinkers, markland foot boards front and rear, and custom passenger hand grips. A Bin Laden cigarette lighter, and a set of speakers that I haven't quite figured out what I am going to do with yet. Amp meter, Volt meter, custom fuse box, and a wood catch all dash board. Two tone wheels. Red oxide brown spokes and Dark Chestnut brown rim. Orange, and Black gunmetal, metalflake brake calipers.


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