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  1. Origanal title question

    Vintage Forum
    I found a true barn find 1972 Honda CB175 with 525 mile and the original title from the Honda dealer. The license plate on the bike is listed on the title is this a rare find or just a cool talking point, I don't want to register the bike and then find out I made huge mistake.
  2. Vintage Honda turn signal stays

    There is a lot of them on ebay
  3. Wanted sissy bar for 1972 Honda CB175

    Wanted to Buy: Motorcycles & Parts
    Hello, I'm looking for a sissy bar that was sold at the dealer for a 1972 CB175 for a bike I'm restoring. Thanks Sean [email protected]
  4. seanchev

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, Just checking it out here, I like to restore old Hondas ride them a little then send them up the road and buy another.
1-4 of 4 Results