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Custom Built XJ550

Custom Built XJ550 Solid Axle Trike

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First of all, this was a "Budget" build...

OEM 11k Engine w/ 15-40 royal purple engine oil
Dot 4 synthetic brake fluid/ ftr and rear
Valves shimed
New all balls steering stem taper bearing upgrade
Medium level mods/bracket delete to frame with custom mix silver Ice metallic paint
Carbs fully rebuild w/ all new internals
New Intake carb boots with silicone gaskets and stainless allen bolts and new sync tube covers
New OEM air filter with aftermarket dust sock
Satin Black High Temp "Wrinkle" Paint on cylinder and case,
New ngk spark plugs
New SS engine bolt kit
New Barnette kevlar cutch pack
Special order +4 extended clutch cable
Special order +15 Parking brake cable
New zx-14 OEM front radial brake master cylinder (more fluid flow w/ less pull)
Core moto special order teflon inner SS blue front and rear brake lines
New 2008 HD sporster 1200 forward controls, with custom fab mount plates
Custom fab control rods for rear brake/shifter
New 2006 partor 660 rear master cylinder
New 2002 warrior 350 rear brake caliper w/ new ceramic pads
New full floating front stainless brake rotor /OEM caliper rebuilt and polished w/ new ceramic pads
New full stainless rear brake rotor
Rebuilt OEM front forks w/ progresive spring and new seals and polished lowers
New all balls front wheel bearings
Wheels powdercoated to match frame color front has blue stripe? (sticker/might remove)
New 14" x 10" steel rear wheels w/ 205/30/14 tires
8 Locking lugs with tunner extended chrome aluminum covers and anodized blue tips
+4" extra wide rear axle chromed w/ All Balls 1" double wide bearings each side
New modified axle carrier hub w/ modified brake stay and all new seals
Custom fab steel , rear trunk/rear brake light/ battery box/fairing combo mount
Custom fiberglass under seat tray w/ drop down integrated (side panel access) 4 pos fuse block
Custom modified 2 to 1 "H" exhaust w/ crosover tube, oem downtubes w/bronze exhaust wrap
New non baffled stainless muffler w/ grey carbon body
Universal Rear trunk w/ custom cut foam insert and black automotive carpet liner
OEM Harley Davidson trunk latch (non locking)
Custom hand built +10" rear swing arm /w integrated cnc chain slider and cnc wheel tensioner
Hand made rear brake line mount bracket
New OEM raptor 660 rear shock /w paint to match frame and body colors
3 stage Chevy corvette Blue metallic modified mix paint with 5000k wet sand and 12 coat clear coat
on tank and side panels/rear shock body/rear trunk and swingarm
Modified tank w/ emblem mount hole delete
Modified side panels w/ emblem mount hole delete
Complete hand made wire harness with side stand switch/auto cancel/ and resistor block delete
All connectors are weather pack/Deutsch water proof connectors
Universal front driving ligh bar with Hi/Lo led lights and signals
Aftermarket Satin black headlight bucket w/ fork tube mounts
Jeep wrangler aftermarket Hi/Lo LED headlight W/ halo and non matching blue color trim
Aftermarket blue tinted lense rear LED brake light w/ integrated signals
Custom built rear licsense plate bracket w/ led light
Custom built GPS (bar mount) bracket
Modified seat pan with passenger delete/ modified seat foam /w integrated backrest
New Mosfet Reg/Rect w/ custom mount under trunk bracket for full wind flow
NOS OEM Switches left/right
New grips
New control lever's and perche's

90% finished...Still in works

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