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Default How far ahead should the headlight beam reach?

Howdy Folks, Been a while since I posted. Seems as if work and business have conspired to eliminate as much of my free time as possible. Thankfully I ride to work everyday or I think I may be in need of therapy. Anyway, I had to get some repair work done on my head light retainer ring so I just removed the housing and had my wife take it to the shop while I was working. My mechanic fixed the problem and only charged me a ten spot. However, after putting the light back on the bike the light seems to hit the road about eight feet ahead of the bike. I need to adjust it but I do not know how far ahead the light should shine. Other than going out at night and adjusting by trial and error is there a better way to determine the optimum adjustment?


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Check your owner's manual. I don't know what bike you have, but the manual for my Sportster gives specific instructions for adjusting the headlight. Basically, you find some flat ground, a wall, you stand the bike upright a certain distance away, and keep adjusting the beam until it's at a certain point on the wall.
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Mine goes out about 10-15 feet before hitting the ground and I make plenty of light with my setup but that doesnt seem to far before hitting the ground not even a car length.
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Just a little bit farther than it takes you to come to a complete stop.
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There is a difference between the high and the low beam. The low beam is partly intended for other people to see your vehicle in the dark, as it is designed not to blind other drivers when vehicles meet. The high beam is designed for the driver to see things far ahead in the dark. Therefore it should light up an area that is something like eighty to over a hundred yards in front of the bike.
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