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Default S40 Mods

I've had my S40 for almost a year now... And since it's winter time and I can't really get out and ride in the snow, I figured that I'd start tearing it down to do some mods that I've accumulated.

I'm installing a cone filter and removing the big airbox. Removing the airbox really opens the bike up, makes it look longer, allows the battery box to go back a little bit to give more room for the filter in place.

I also have a HD takeoff muffler and a re-jet kit for the carb.

Here's a shot from another S40 owner who just did the airbox removal mod... So, it gives an idea of what it'll look like:

I need to get a couple extra inches of wire for the negative battery cable so that I can extend it and run it along the frame. Before, it ran behind the airbox covers and with the box gone, those covers are too.

I might hold off on the muffler install too and go with someone similar to the bike pictures above too... It's just a simple piece of exhaust with a baffle installed up in the middle. I'd probably install some chrome sheilds instead of just painting it black though.

I'll try snapping pictures of my bike as it sits now sometime tomorrow. The basement is filled with a ton of crap for my new house that I'm in the process of buying with my girlfriend... A bunch of my sisters stuff is down there, plus 2 Festivas are sitting there. It's at the brim!

Anyone else have any winter mods planned for their bike(s)?
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