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Originally Posted by Nitelord View Post
I like the look too. I too would be concerned about brand preservation.

John Deere freely admits, that the (homeowner) version that big box stores sells, has tarnished their brand name. That's a ton of extra marketing dollar, that could have been saved with a little forethought.

I hope they do it right.
Brand preservation was what they quoted when the closed Buell. I never did understand that since they were different brands. I do agree with you on this one though. Who knows though, if they only sell them overseas, it may be that starter/intro bike that they need to get people interested in the brand.
I was in Turkey this year and was wearing a Harley hat. I got into a nice conversation with a shop owner about bikes. Over there it seems like EVERYBODY has, or has had, a bike. He wanted to know how big the engine was on my bike. I told him it was 1600 cc's and he did not believe me. He said that they do not make bikes with motors that big. Luckily I had a picture of my bike on my phone. He said that a 500 cc bike there is a big bike.
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