The 2012 Honda Rebel remains an iconic first motorcycle

By: Dodsfall
May 12th, 2012
10:49 am

The 2012 Honda Rebel remains an iconic first motorcycle

Since it's debut in 1985, the Honda Rebel has not changed to a great extent. The classic design, ease of riding, simple maintenance, and dependability has served the little Honda well.

Many rider instruction courses use the Rebel as a training motorcycle. The motorcycle weighs in at 311 pounds, making it easy to maneuver at low speeds. The twin-cylinder engine is fed by a single constant velocity carburetor.

The Rebel can cruise at speeds of 70 mph fairly easily, but does not have much left after that. Long trips by interstate are not what this motorcycle was designed for. It is zippy enough for travel in-town as a commuter motorcycle.

Honda claims the fuel economy to be 84 mpg, although a more realistic take on actual riding will be in the mid-50's range. The small 2.6 gallon tank, although cheap to fill, will require a gas stop at about 100-mile intervals.

The Rebel is amazingly comfortable for a smaller machine. The suspension handles rough pavement pretty well for it's size. The Rebel can corner effortlessly due to it's abundant ground clearance and light weight. It remains stable through tight turns and doesn't shimmy on rain-grooved roads.

Ideal for shorter riders, the Rebel has a 26-inch seat height and a easy reach to the handlebars and controls. Although comfortable for medium-height riders, taller riders will feel cramped on the motorcycle.

Priced at $4190, the 2012 Rebel is in the ballpark of other 250 cc-class machines. For the beginning rider or the in-town commuter, the Rebel may be the ideal motorcycle.


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